What is the AAC Panel and AAC Block

AAC Panel is the shortened form of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Panel. The main materials of AAC panel are silicon sand, cement, lime etc. Reinforced with anti-stain processed steel bar, the concrete panel with many air holes was formed after high-temperature, high-pressure protection with steam. It’s a new type constructional material with excellent functions. There are patents of Germany and Sweden and Japan included in the production equipments. The complete production process, from mixing raw material, anti-stain processing of steel bar, organizing into frame, pouring paste on, cutting, steaming and pressing to surface processing, is calculated accurately with computer program and has a rigid QC control. 


AAC Block is the shortened form of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block. The difference of the AAC block from the AAC panel are: 1) no reinforced steel inside 2) sizes are smaller than AAC panel

AAC Production Process
1.Raw material Preparation
Mix silica sand, cement, calcium lime, and gypsum, and then add a little aluminum powder to the slurry.

2.Steel bar Assembling
Assemble the anti-rust treated steel bars into mesh frames, then put them into the moulds, and pour the material slurry

Chemical reactions begin after the pouring of the slurry. Bubbles appear evenly in the mould structure. The bubbles emerging at the time will determine the performance of AAC panels.

After the structure gains its early strength foaming and waiting, cut with piano wires and get the needed length, width, and thickness of the panels.

5.Autoclave Treatment
Use autoclaves to treat AAC panels and make them hardened in high-temperature and high-pressure steams.

Decorative patterns will be made on the surfaces of the autoclaved panels that have been treated in autoclaves, according to the customer’s requirements.

7.Quality Inspection
All panels will undergo strict quality inspection in order that their good quality is ensured.

Only products strictly inspected can be delivered.

Features of the AAC panels and AAC Blocks

Lightness               The dry specific gravity of the AAC panel is only 0.5 because it is one kind of foamed concrete. As the above rate is 1/5 of                                                                                               common concrete and 1/3 of hollow block, it lightens the self-weight of building, reduces the cost of base and frame, cuts down                                                                                           the difficulty in process of soft groundsill, and increases the construction quality.

Sound Insulation    A lot of micro and small air holes that are inside the AAC panel cause multi-function of sound insulation and assimilation. The high                                                                                     precision of panel can create a fine air keeping space to supply a silent and comfortable living environment.

Heat Insulation      A lot of micro and small air holes that are inside of the AAC panel form a static air layer in the material and make the rate of heat                                                                                    transmission of only 0.11W/m.K. The function of heat insulation and preservation of the AAC panel is 10 time of common                                                                                                concrete. The function of heat preservation of AAC panel at 125mm thickness is same as 370mm wall of soil-block.

Anti-Vibration        It is world-wide outstanding known of the anti-vibration ability of AAC panel. Only the constructions built with AAC panel are                                                                                     broken lightly at heavy earthquakes at Osaka/Kobe.
                                             The tests in the laboratories of Tongji University and Southeast University in China show that the AAC panel has excellent function                                                                                  of anti-vibration. The light self-weight of AAC is the main cause, as it allows bigger angular distortion between layers and the                                                                                              allowed changing angle is 1/150.

Fireproofing           The AAC panel can stand against fire as the low rate of heat transmission. The self of AAC belongs to abio-compound and is not                                                                                      burnable. It doesn’t produce nocuousness gas. At Tianjin National Fixed Anti-fire System Center, it passed the test for fire bearing                                                                                      of 240 min limit.

Load-bearing          The AAC panel can bear wind load, snow load and dynamic load.
                                              There are following types of the AAC panels:
                                                                 Outside wall panel
                                                                  Inner wall panel
                                                                  Roof panel
                                                                  Floor panel
                                             The steel ribs inside of AAC panel are arranged by CAD according to loading situation, that the capacity of loading is obtained.
                                             In general, the loads of building are:
                                                                  Constant load (incl. self weight and floors)
                                                                  Living load           
Snow load
                                                                  Wind load
                                                                  The effect of earthquake

NO Radioactivity    Test by authority department, the radioactive rate is 12rµ/h, further less than the stand of WHO, is a no radioactive green                                                                                                      environmental construction material.


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