Eastland AAC panel VS Brick

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The question of Eastland AAC panel vs Brick has been asked in many a discussion board. Everyone seems to have an option. Both building materials have their own pros and cons.

Eastland Building Materials is a chinese leading supplier of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) or ALC. Eastland panel is a strong yet lightweight building product that is available in panels or blocks and it is kind to the environment, quick to build with and better to live in.  

Eastland panel does have 2.88x more R rating than Brick. It is noticeably cooler in summer, when we have walked into two houses, one built in Eastland ALC panel and one in Brick, the Eastland is remarkable cooler and a far more comfortable temperature.This makes the house more energy efficient to cool in summer and heat in winter.

Also because of its higher R rating and how the panels are constructed, it also has sound insulation properties above that of Brick. Meaning the noisy teenagers partying on the street outside your house at 11pm at night aren’t so disturbing.

Fashions change and the shift towards partial or fully rendered houses have steadily grown over the past 10 years. You only have to watch Selling Houses Australia to see how much a rendered facade can increase a houses re-sell value.

If you like fully rendered look and don’t plan on applying render to the bricks post-handover, then opting for Eastland means that it will be fully rendered from the get-go.

Aesthetic = Dollars when it comes selling your home. Colours can make a house look dated or modern. It is far easier to repaint your Hebel than it is to change your brick colour.

Eastland AAC panel can look dirty after a while if the Maintenance is not kept up – especially on light coloured renders.

Just like weatherboards, it is important to keep up the maintenance. A low-pressure water blast annually is all it needs, or every six months if you live in a coastal area. This removes any dirt that has gathered on the coating keeping it looking clean and fresh.Repainting of the top coat is recommended a least every 7 to 10 years.

Compared to brick, Eastland can be classed as high Maintenance, however, Brick has its own care and maintenance recommendations, people just tend to ignore them, that’s all.

So, Eastland AAC Panel is your best choice, please contact us !


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