New Building Materials create a new pattern of housing

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When most people think of building houses in the countryside, they think of red brick houses, which are out of date. Bireuën's steel clad villa. Red Brick is a kind of brick made of clay, shale, coal gangue and fly Ash. It has been widely used in self-built houses in rural areas. However, because of the pollution caused by the production of red brick, the adobe needs clay and wastes farmland, the burning process pollutes the air and water. Similarly, the production of cement also pollutes the environment, and the construction waste of red brick cement can not be recycled, which poses a threat to our environment. Bireuën's steel clad villa.

With the pursuit of housing quality and environmental awareness, intelligent housing, green housing into the public's vision, from the source to reduce the generation of construction waste, is the necessary path of sustainable development. In such a background of the Times, a new type of building materials-gypsum composite wall, its properties are superior to other wall materials.


The light-gauge steel energy-saving residence has been pushed and saved by our country with its advantages of beauty, energy conservation, wind resistance, earthquake resistance, etc. . It can be said that the steel structure has now become a dark horse in the construction. However, when the new type of wall meets the fabricated steel structure, and what a spark it will be!


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