Why EASTLAND is your First choose?

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Eastland Building Materials Co., Ltd., one subsidiary company of Eastland International Limited, is the leading supplier of AAC building materials with the most advanced technology and the most perfect testing means in east of China.

Our fully automatic production lines came from Germany. Annual production capacity is more than 1,000,oooCBM for 2 production lines. From the year 2007, we have started to export our panels to a lot of countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, USA, UAE, Singapore, Philippines, Kenya, Vietnam, Laos, Chile, Norway, Russia etc. with very good reputation.

AAC Panel is the shortened form of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Panel. The main materials of AAC panel are silicon sand, cement, lime and gypsum etc. Reinforced with anti-corrosion processed steel cage, the concrete panels with many air holes was formed after high-temperature, high-pressure protection with steam. It is a new type constructional material with excellent functions. There are patents of Germany, Sweden and Japan included in the production equipments. The complete production process, from mixing raw materials, anti-corrosion processing of steel cage, organizing into frame, pouring paste on, cutting, steaming and pressing to surface processing, is calculated accurately with computer program and has a rigid QC control.

AAC Block is the shortened form of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block. Same materials same production process as AAC panel, however, there is no steel reinforcement inside of the blocks, and dimensions of blocks are smaller than the panels.

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