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About us

Eastland Building MaterialsEastland Building Materials Co., Ltd
is the leading supplier of Eastland AAC Panel (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Panel) and Eastland AAC Block in China. Eastland Building Materials Co., Ltd is the subsidiary company of Eastland International Limited.
Eastland’s production equipments are with patents from Germany, Japan and Sweden. The production line of Eastland AAC Panel and Eastland AAC Block is highly automatic and computerized. The whole production process of Eastland AAC Panel and Eastland AAC Block is environmentally friendly and under strict control.
Eastland has imported the advanced management philosophy, building theories and construction technologies from Europe. We are customers-centered and quality-oriented. We believe that if it’s worth building, it’s worth building well!

Eastland Panels, which are characterized with fireproofing, lightweight, load-bearing, sound insulation, heat insulation, anti-vibration, energy-saving and environment friendly, can be well used as external wall, internal wall, load-bearing floor, roof, cladding and fence etc. in commercial buildings, residential buildings, industrial buildings and projects. Eastland AAC Panels and blocks can be exclusively or also used with other systems or materials in a wide range of application. Eastland AAC panels and Eastland AAC Blocks can be used in reinforced concrete, steel or timber framed buildings.

From the year 2005, Eastland panels have been started to be widely used in main land of China in various buildings such as apartments, villas, universities, hospitals, factories, hotels and supermarket etc. From the year 2007, we have been exporting Eastland panels to lots of overseas countries and territories, such as Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Middle-East, Africa, South Asia and South-east of Asia, south America etc. 
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