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Many manufacturers are involved in the development of green roofs that are in demand in the regions with regular climatic changes and extremities in weather conditions to maintain temperatures within the structure as well as for rain water harvesting. Green roofs are produced with eco-friendly materials such as membranes, soil and others. Demand for volatile organic compound (VOC) free paints&glues and carpet tiles with recycled content is increasing in the green materials market for interior finishing. New non-conventional materials such as steel with recycled content, autoclaved aerated concrete, engineered lumber and structural insulated panels are expected to drive the market in framing applications. Thus, framing and interior finishing application segments are expected to grow over the forecast period.

Green building materials market has various end-user segments such as public facilities, education, commercial and industrial, healthcare, R&D centres, residential, others. In recent years, urbanization activities in the regions of Asia Pacific and RoW have increased considerably. This has helped the public facilities to grow and expand. Owing to the regulation regarding utilization of green building materials in construction, public facilities were the largest segment and are expected to maintain the highest share of volume in 2019. Large number of industrial expansions, growing R&D facilities of numerous industries and increasing Asian population are expected to drive the growth of R&D centres and residential construction in the next few years and these segments are expected to be the fastest growing end-user segments of green building materials market.

Strict regulations in the North American construction market have effected a shift to green building technology. Accounting over 40%, North America is the foremost green building material consumer in the world. Europe also has strict regulations and therefore started implementing green building technology in large number of retrofitting and renovating applications. Asia Pacific and RoW are also seeing increasing demand for green building materials due to adverse climatic conditions and government initiatives and are expected to be the most attractive markets for green building materials.

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