Applications And Advantages Of EASTLAND AAC Panels And Blocks

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ESATLAND is a versatile aerated concrete product used for commercial and residential applications.

It is an innovative and extremely lightweight building material manufactured by EASTLAND offering quick installation, durability, fire resistance and acoustic qualities.

EASTLAND AAC product is a high performance autoclave aerated concrete that is used for many applications, including internal and external walls, fences, floors and architectural features. EASTLAND blocks and panels stand up to the rigorous performance standards required for high-rise commercial buildings and civil engineering, yet they’re also versatile enough to construct a beautifully rendered residential home.

we provide custom services and can tailor the product for local unique environment. From EASTLAND flooring systems to retaining walls, we’re the preferred choice.

Why you need EASTLAND products

  • Durability

EASTLAND panels are high-performance masonry products containing steel reinforcement with an anti-corrosion layer for maximum strength and durability.

  • Fast installation and construction

EASTLAND systems go up quickly and easily which is why so many developers and construction companies rely on them to keep control of their project schedules and costs. One standard EASTLAND panel is the equivalent of 75 traditional bricks, which means a 150m2 home can go up as quickly as within 3 days when installed by experienced EASTLAND installers.

  • Acoustic performance & noise reduction

A EASTLAND home is a quiet one because it reduces noise transmission, including noise from external sources like traffic, meaning more peace and quiet. In addition, when used for upper floors it can reduce sound transference between levels as well.

  • Insulation

EASTLAND panels have superior insulation qualities compared to other masonry products. Tests have shown that a house built with EASTLAND performs better than brick veneer in terms of both heating and cooling.

  • Fire resistance & easy fire-rating compliance 

EASTLAND systems are designed to make fire-rating compliance simple and easy. EASTLAND panels are non-combustible and walls such as shaft, services, corridor and intertenancy.

  • Aesthetic appeal

EASTLAND AAC panel versatility comes through in its ability to incorporate unique bespoke patterns at comparatively low cost to traditional mould type casting. Decorative relief is readily achieved through the versatility of post production machining.

  • Environmentally friendly

Independent testing shows that overall, EASTLAND has a 30% lower environmental impact than concrete or brick veneer. EASTLAND panels use 60% less embodied energy and produces 55% less greenhouse emissions compared to concrete or brick veneer, making it a more sustainable, environmentally friendly choice of building material.

  • Maximised floorspace

EASTLAND wall systems have been developed with floorspace in mind. The intertenancy wall system for concealed services on one side is one of the narrowest system on the market at just -185mm wide. This means greater design flexibility and more gross sellable floorspace.

  • Less waste

EASTLAND panels come in lengths of up to 6m, which are easily cut and routed to suit design requirements. This results in less waste, fewer bins and fewer crane movements.

  • Larger building footprint

Less scaffolding requirements allow the maximum use of a site, with zero boundary walls.

  • Wet weather tolerant

 Store materials on or off-site without worrying about rain or mould.

  • Budget-friendly

EASTLAND offers fast installation due to its lightweight properties and has proven itself a cost-effective solution across a variety of projects.

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