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CodeMark AAC panel | Eastland Building Materials

CodeMark Eastland AAC panel is Autoclaved Aerated Concrete(AAC) Panel, it is also called ALC Panel. The feature of this panel is that the thick of this panel is special and not many factory can supple it.
  • 50mm

  • Eastland

  • Eastland

  • White

  • 625kg/m3

  • 4.0Mpa

  • China(Mainland)

  • 属性值

  • Fireproof, Load-Bearing, Sound & Heat Insulation

  • 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 200mm, 240mm, 300

Product Description

Eastland AAC Panel is an ideal building material for residential projects. Suitable for new homes, for low-rise residential projects, apartments, villas, schools, hospitals, factories, shopping malls etc.

Eastland Building Materials Co., Ltd have achieved CodeMark™ Certification for their AAC Floor Panels (CMA-CM40121) and AAC Wall Panels (CMA-CM40122).

Both of these products can be used within a timber or steel environment. The AAC Floor Panel is a steel reinforced AAC sheeting element that is installed onto steel or timber joists forming a platform flooring system, and the Wall Panel is a cladding wall element used to clad timber or steel framed buildings.

CodeMark is the pinnacle of product assurance available in NZ and Australia. It is the product certification scheme administered by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE). CodeMark has the same legal status as a Compliance Document and as such must be accepted by all Building Consent Authorities.

Eastland AAC Panel is fast to build with, performs well acoustically and provides good thermal insulation. Comfortable to live in, Eastland AAC Panel provides thermal insulation meaning less energy expended on heating, providing approx. 12% better thermal insulation than other AAC system (and 18% better than brick veneer).

Eastland AAC Panel has good acoustic performance reducing noise transmission from external sources such as traffic, for a quieter home.

With a fire rating of 30 minutes without the need of additional material the Eastland AAC Panel system provides boundary wall capability and is rated against bushfires making it an ideal building in fire prone areas.

Eastland AAC Panel is also widely used to erect civil constructions (shopping malls, hospitals, schools, apartments, villas, etc) and industry constructions for floors, walls (exterior and interior), roofs, partitions, fences, etc.


Eastland AAC Panels have been well used in kinds of residential projects, commercial projects and industrial projects, such as low-rise villas, high-rise apartments, shopping malls, super-markets,  schools, hotels, factories, sub-way and high-way etc.


Existing products range from exterior wall panels to interior partition wall panels, ornamental wall panels, floor slabs, roof slabs, wall cladding and fence panels.


Eastland AAC panels have been well used in domestic markets of China, as well as lots of overseas countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, UAE, USA, Norway, Kenya, Singapore, Philippines, Chile etc.
Installation case
Details and Size



Specific gravity 0.5 Floating on the water.The dry specific gravity of the AAC panel is only 0. 5 because it is oneof foamed concrete. As the above rate is 1/5 of common concrete
1/3 of hollow block, it lightens the self-weight of building, reduces
the cost of base and frame, cuts down the difficulty in process of
soft groundsill, and increases the construction quality.


Sound Insulation

A lot of micro and small air holes that are inside the AAc panel cause
multi-function of sound insulation and assimilation. The high precision ofpanel can create a fine air keeping space to supply a silent and
comfortable living environment.


Heat Insulation

Rate of heat transmission 0.11 1/10 of common concrete.A lot of micro and small air holes that are inside of the AAC panel form a static air layer in the material and make the rate of heat transmission of only 0.11W/m K. The function of heat insulation and preservation of the AAC panel is 10 time of common concrete. The function of heat preservation of AAC panel at 125mm thickness is same as 370mm wall of soil-block.



It is world-wide outstan." known of the anti-vibration ability of AAC panel
Only the constructions built with AAC panel are broken lightly at heavy
earthquakes at Osaka/Kobe
The tests in the laboratories of Tongji University and Southeast University in China show that the AAC panel has excellent function of anti-vibration
he light self-weight of AAC is the main cause, as it allows bigger angular distortion between layers and the allowed changing angle is 1/150.



Panel for wall----Fireproofing in 4 hours
The AAC panel can stand against fire as the low rate of heat
transmission. The self of AAC belongs to abio-compound and is not
burnable. It doesn't produce nocuousness gas. At Tianjin National
Fixed Anti-fire System Center, it passed the test for fire bearing of
240 min limit.


Loading ability

The AAC panel can bear wind load, snow load and dynamic load
There are following types of the AAC panels:
Outside wall panel
Inner wall panel
Roof panel
Floor panel
The steel ribs inside of AAC panel are arranged by CAd according to loading situation, that the capacity of loading is obtained.
In general, the loads of building are
1.Constant load (incl. self weight and floors)
2. Living load
3. Snow load
4. Wind load
5. The effect of earthquake

Product packaging


With standard wooden pallets and containers or bulkship as request.

International Certification

                                ISO9001 Certificate


                              ISO14001 Certificate



Australian CodeMark Certificate
for Load-bearing Floor Panels


Australian CodeMark Certificate
for Wall Panels


Q: Why choose Eastland Panel?

A: Eastland Panel can be installed quickly and can help to reduce construction and labor costs. It is characterized by steel-reinforced, load-bearing, lightness, sound and heating insulation, fireproofing, environmental protection, etc.

Q: What's the application of Eastland Panel?

A: Eastland Panel can construct interior walls, exterior walls, ornamental walls, floors, roofings, claddings, ect.

Q: Do Eastland Panel have any international certification?

A: Yes. It has ASTM for USA, EN for Europe, AS for Australia, ect.

Q:What is the specific price of the product?

A:We need to quote according to your specific requirements, including the required product size, quantity, port of arrival, required time, etc. So if you need, please contact us, we will provide you with satisfactory service in time.


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