EASTLAND products providing high fire resistance to buildings Hebel products providing high fire resistance to buildings in bushfire zones

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The exceptional fire resistance of the EASTLAND product range is helping homes in bushfire zones meet compliance requirements and ensure safety.

The downside of living close to the Australian bush is the ever-present threat of losing a home to an unforeseen blaze. This threat underlines the importance of choosing the right building materials when planning a home in a bushfire prone area. While building design, construction methods and bushfire action plans are all important considerations, the choice of building materials, particularly the external cladding of the building is the most significant.

EASTLAND BUILDING MATERIALS offers tested and certified fire rated building materials for construction in bushfire zones, delivering high fire resistance and added security for homeowners. The flexibility of design options also provides the assurance of comfortable living.

Regulations require all homes built in bushfire zones to comply with Australian Standard AS3959-2009, designed to improve the resistance of buildings to bushfire attack from burning embers, radiant heat and combinations of the three attack forms.

EASTLAND Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) panel is a solid masonry product that offers application versatility with the material used for external and internal walls, decks and fencing. The non-combustible EASTLAND range delivers the right balance between thermal insulation and mass and will not explode, even under extreme heat.

There are several benefits to building with EASTLAND AAC products for the homeowner. In addition to the assurance of fire resistance, EASTLAND also provides an extremely solid construction with sharp architectural aesthetics and the flexibility to create a range of innovative designs, both externally and internally.

Key advantages also include high acoustic absorbing properties reducing sound transmission between rooms and noise penetration from external sources; enhanced insulation performance three times that of brick; thermal efficiency ensuring comfort throughout the year, reducing the reliance on heating and cooling appliances for more energy efficient homes; faster construction with less labour lowering building costs; and minimal mess on-site reducing clean-up costs.


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