What Is Aerated Concrete Used For?

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Autoclaved aerated concrete(AAC) blocks or (AAC) panels of autoclaved aerated concrete are joined with thin bed mortar. Components can be used for walls, floors, and roofs. The lightweight material offers excellent sound and thermal insulation, and like all cement-based materials, is strong and fire resistant.

EASTLAND AAC Panel is a steel reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Panel. It's characterized with steel-reinforced, load-bearing, lightweight, sound insulation, heat insulation, fireproofing, environmental protection, etc. EASTLAND AAC Panel is also widely used for residential buildings and commercial buildings (shopping malls, hospitals, schools, apartments, villas, etc) and industrial buildings as floor, external wall (exterior wall), internal wall (interior wall), partition wall (party wall), roof, fence and noise wall (sound barrier wall), cladding and lining etc. EASTLAND AAC Panel has been recognized internationally and has gained the certificates of ASTM for USA, EN for Europe and AS/NZS for Australia and New Zealand. EASTLAND AAC Panel can replace traditional precast concrete and clay bricks very well. The Panel can be easily cut, drilled and screwed when installed.


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